In the wake of the liquidation of Saab Cars North America, many of us Saab drivers in Oklahoma were looking for a community to help keep the cars we love on the road.  Starting in 2012, the Saab Club of Oklahoma was born to provide fellow Saab owners the resources needed to ensure we had a local knowledge base for parts and service, as well as host exciting events to meet fellow Saab drivers and explore Oklahoma.

Our Club typically hosts several events a year throughout Oklahoma, including Cars and Coffee events in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City, as well as various drives and meetups.  To find out more, please contact info@SaabOK.com or call us at (405) 237-9395.

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  1. Recently purchased a SAAB 9-3 for my daughter to drive. Liked the uniqueness of this car when we found it and continue to fall more in love with the car. Would like to attend some of the meetings in Okc or Tulsa.

    Steve Armstrong

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